At St Madeleine's Primary we foster in students a strong sense of community and pride.

This is why we encourage all students to wear their full uniform, especially when representing the school at sport or for any other purpose.

The school uniform shop is managed by The School Locker and opens on Tuesdays from 8am until 11am itis located past the bus bay, on the left you will see the sign behind the second lot of green doors at the end of the building near the dump bins.

For any uniform shop enquiries, please contact The School Locker

Email: stmadeleinesps@theschoollocker.com.au School Shop Ph: 9654 6761 (Tuesdays only)

Ordering online website: http://theschoollocker.com.au/  The School Locker Ph: 1800 826 155 or 02 87962100 

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Lost Property is located in the school Library.

Uniform & Grooming Policy

Link: Uniform & Grooming policy