St Madeleine's has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life.

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD), also provides advice and recommendations on educational and administrative policies and priorities, and monitors policy implementation.

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Policies and procedures

  • Governance Risk and Compliance
    Modern Slavery Statement
    CSPD's Modern Slavery statement focuses on confronting modern slavery and ensure that our supply chains respect the dignity and value of each person.
    Whistleblower Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to encourage reporting of corrupt conduct, maladministration and serious and substantial wrongdoing without fear of reprisal or detrimental treatment.
    Privacy Records and Information Management
    Alumni Collection Notice
    This wording on this Collection Form can be used for School Alumni Associations with reference to CSPD Privacy Policy (Updated 2023)
    Employment Collection Notice
    This notice outlines what information CSPD collects and stores when you apply for employment with us, and who we disclose that information to.
    Information Sharing Policy
    The Information Policy sets out how Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD), its schools and related services obtain and release personal information from and to third parties
    Privacy Policy
    This Policy sets out how the CSPD manages the personal and sensitive information we collect and hold. (updated Jan 2023)
    Standard Collection Notice
    The Standard Collection Notice outlines the types of personal information, including sensitive information about students, parents or guardians, and how that information is used. (updated logo 2023)
    Volunteer and Contractor Collection Notice
    In applying to provide your services you will be providing our schools, Catholic Early Learning Centres (CELCs), Catholic Out of School Hours Care services (COSHCs) and offices with personal information (Updated 2023)
    Professional Learning
    Accreditation to Work Teach and Lead in CSPD
    This Policy sets out how CSPD will classify and manage the accreditation of all teaching, non-teaching and CSPD staff.
    Code of Conduct When Working With Children and Students
    This Code of Conduct is to inform staff members of CSPD of the standards of behaviour and other requirements that must be adhered to when working in an organisation which delivers services to children and students
    Safeguarding Procedures
    This document outlines the procedures that must be followed by staff members when responding to concerns relating to children and young persons and any alleged breach of the CSPD Code of Conduct When Working With Children and Students.
    Working with Children Check
    CSPD has in place a variety of strategies to ensure child safe schools and communities are maintained including the obligation for all staff members undertaking child-related work to hold a valid NSW Working with Children Check clearance.
    School Community
    CSPD Family and School Partnership Principles
    CSPD and its schools, value parents and carers as partners and this partnership is critical in supporting each child to achieve their best throughout their learning and faith journey.
    Enrolment Policy
    This Policy provides information about the enrolment principles, enrolment criteria and procedures for Parents/Carers seeking to enrol a child into a CSPD School.
    Guidelines for Parents and Carers in Raising Complaints
    The objectives of this document are to provide information on raising a complaint.
    Research Application Guidelines
    These guidelines are designed to support potential external researchers, and researchers internal to CSPD, to make sound decisions about their research application.
    School Fees Policy
    The purpose of this Policy is to ensure fair and equitable school fee assistance and collection processes across all schools in the Diocese of Parramatta.
    Code of Conduct Policy
    This document sets out the obligations, responsibilities and standards of behaviour Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) requires of its staff members.
    Banned Substances Student Procedure
    This Procedure covers the possession, use and distribution of alcohol, tobacco, vaping devices, illegal drugs or other banned substances. (Updated Feb 2023)
    Bullying Prevention and Response Procedure
    The purpose of this procedure is to prevent bullying through the creation of safe, respectful & supportive school cultures & responding to bullying behaviour in ways that are just & effective, with a focus on safety, restoring relationships.
    Externally Funded Therapy and Allied Health Providers in Schools Policy
    This document provides information around externally funded therapy for students and Allied Health providers in school.
    Guidelines for Supervising University Student Placement
    These guidelines apply to all university students who have been accepted into a professional experience placement at a CSPD school in the fields of social work and psychology.
    St Madeleine's Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures

    At St Madeleine’s Primary School, the dignity of each person is valued and the rights of all members of our community are respected.

    St Madeleine's Disrespectful Language Policy

    St Madeleine’s School Disrespectful Language Policy has at its core the belief that each member of our school community is a unique person created in the image of God and must be valued as such.

    St Madeleine's Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

    This policy aims to create a safe, caring environment for all members of our school community and to promote a pastoral attitude for staff, students and parents. It covers our pastoral care and wellbeing policy in line with the CSPD guidelines.

    St Madeleine's Student Management Policy

    Student welfare encompasses the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the student. The provision of student welfare policies and programmes is essential in developing a sense of self-worth and fostering personal development.

    Student Attendance Policy
    Central to championing diversity and equity is our commitment towards the attendance of all students. This Policy sets out the requirements for all staff managing, recording, reporting and monitoring student attendance at CSPD schools.
    Student Attendance Procedures
    School attendance plays a critical role in enhancing the lives of children and young people. Every day of attendance adds to a student's opportunity to learn, develop and experience success in education. Attendance is a core responsibility of schools.
    Student Behaviour Policy
    The focus of this policy is to define the behaviour expectations of students and to assert everyone’s right to a safe, inclusive, respectful learning and working environment.
    Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services Policy - External
    This Policy is about Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) students’ use of Digital Devices and Online Services in School-Related Settings.
    Student Wellbeing Framework
    The framework is made up of five strategies which enhance the school-wide focus on student wellbeing, safety and welcome for students of CSPD.
    Student Wellbeing Policy
    This Policy states that principles followed when making decision about students. It is based on an acknowledgement that parents and carers are the first and most important educators of their children.
    Student exemption procedures
    These procedures outline the conditions upon which a child may be exempt from being enrolled at and attending school (Implemented 2017)
    Suspension, Transfer and Exclusion Procedure
    CSPD is committed to developing an educational and organisational culture based on mutual trust and respect that assists people to recognise and develop their personal capabilities.
    Weapons Procedures
    CSPD is committed to ensuring that all its sites are places of safety for students, staff and other persons attending those places.

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